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Growing up hard-of-hearing, Ethan Castro, co-founder of EDGE Sound Research, focused his doctoral degree research on recreating audio leveraging tactile dimensions. This ultimately led to the invention of ResonX, an experiential audio technology that redefines how people engage with sound.

To showcase the patent-pending audio technology, Castro and his team partnered with several artists and companies, including Epson and Rabcup, to create a three-movement multimodal audiovisual experience entitled Aurora at Riverside Studios in Riverside, Calif.

Nearly a decade in the making, Aurora was a collaboration between Castro and Professor Joan Sharma of California State University, Fresno, designed to immerse guests in the Earth’s journey through nothingness, birth, recovery, and beyond.

“Our goal with Aurora was to not only showcase ResonX, but deliver an important message about our Earth’s current path that would resonate with individuals of all ages,” says Castron. “We did this through the combination of multiple senses, and it would not have been possible without the support of our partners and artists involved.

The ResonX & Other Technology Solutions

“Specifically for the visual elements, Epson’s projector technology truly brought the project to life with stunning colors and brightness that stood up against ambient light in the room,” he says. “The projectors were also easy to install, and with short-throw capabilities and laser technology, we were able to shoot them in all directions at a short distance for even more accurate projection.”

Focused on challenging the way people experience sound, Castro aimed to deliver a complete multi-sensory experience with Aurora that would captivate and drive an emotional connection to our planet Earth. Castro worked closely with production company Rabcup to bring the visual components together, who enlisted long-standing partner Epson to illuminate the project with its flexible and powerful projection technology.

Using Epson Pro L1070UNL and L1075UNL large venue laser projectors with ELPLU03 Short Throw Lenses and Epson PowerLite L735U and L730U laser projectors, along with MadMapper software, Rabcup was able to fine-tune the images to create one continuous visual that flowed across the three walls surrounding guests. By combining intuitive software and mapping tools with impressive imagery that all worked in unison with the ResonX technology, Aurora immersed guests into a visual and audio experience showcasing what the earth was, where it is now and what the future can hold.

The Impact

“Aurora is an impressive infusion of re-imagined audio technology, compelling visual effects and artistic creations that delivers a powerful environmental message,” says Remi Del Mar, senior product manager, Epson America, Inc. “Climate change is a problem that isn’t going away and there’s never been a more important time to collectively become more aware of how we – as individuals, corporations and businesses – are affecting the planet.

“Aligning with the Epson 25 Renewed Corporate Vision and desire to support this direction, we are honored to lend our technology to help Ethan bring his vision to life and tell the story in an impactful and immersive way,” he says.

Source: ResonX Audio Technology Delivers Multi-Sensory Experience