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The company bringing Teslasuit to the world is VR Electronics which was founded in 2016. The company is known for the production of high-tech VR solutions for sports, medicine, and business.


Full-body haptic feedback & motion capture tracking VR suit

The Teslasuit capabilities open plenty of opportunities for sports, medicine, safety training, the space industry, and other areas. The suit won the Innovation Awards Honouree at CES 2019 and was also presented at CES 2020. During these events, the suit showcased its ability to bring virtual environments to life.

One of the main things that the Teslasuit can do is inputting haptic feedback to any part of the body, from a gentle touch to temperature and physical exertion. Moreover, the suit provides deeper sensory immersion in VR environments which allows users to experience stressful and difficult situations as they’ve lived them.


The Teslasuit is beneficial for XR (extended reality) training, which is used for the digital transformation of employee training and development in different areas. With this, the suit helps to significantly improve the quality of XR training. So far, the company has collaborated with several world-leading companies, including Vodafone, Mastercard, NASA, Schlumberger, and much more.

Grasping the next step

The initial Teslasuit was designed as a suit, but the company plans to improve it. For that reason, the next logical step is to add gloves to the suit. That’s how the Teslasuit Glove was born.


The Teslasuit Glove can be used separately or together with the suit. It’s the first VR glove compatible with Teslasuit that integrates everything that the suit has with the addition of force feedback. The glove also has a wide range of applications, just like the suit. Equipped with a 3×3 display for each finger, it enables users to feel virtual textures naturally. Also, the glove can detect each movement of the user’s hands and control the accuracy of the movements. It’s completely wireless and you can connect to the suit via Wi-Fi.

The Teslasuit is a human-to-digital interface created to stimulate experience in the physical world, making it a breakthrough in the world of Virtual Reality. It’s expected that the suit will become a huge trend for companies to use as part of their businesses.

YouTube: Experience a Full-Body Haptic VR Suit with Teslasuit

Photo credit: The images are taken by Teslasuit and have been provided for press usage.

Source: Experience a Full-Body Haptic VR Suit with Teslasuit – TechAcute