Is your girlfriend a nartjie and your ouma cinnamon? You know the poem. You also know the feeling.

You smell cut grass and you’re transported back to a grim Saturday morning, when teenage you is being forced to get up at an unreasonable hour for chores or whatever other ridiculous activity was in vogue at the time.

This documentary explores the role olfaction (cool word, huh?) plays in our everyday life.

Sommeliers, perfume creators, truffle hunters and other people whose lives and careers are intimately linked to the nose all give their input on how smell affects us.

It’s not overly-science heavy so makes for the perfect evening viewing.

Source: Weekend watching: Hannibal, Empire of Scents and Collateral

Random sensory quotes

People want to feel united, they want to have that religious sense they want to feel like at a rave 10,000 people at the rave are feeling the same emotions, a very primal need that’s not being fulfilled in the world today.

— Robert Greene