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The food scene in and around Houston is pretty competitive – but one inventive chef wanted to do things a little bit differently. Over near Houston, Texas, you can find Chef David Skinner’s incredibly eccentric Eculent Restaurant in Kemah in an unassuming, windowless location.

Inside Eculent, guests are transported into a multi-sensory restaurant that is unlike any other in Texas. Choreographed music welcomes in just six guests at a time for a 40-course intimate meal.

A peak inside the restaurant’s tree will guide you through which courses to take on your journey. With each course the ambiance, lighting, sound, and smell of the room changes.

And when they say farm to table, they mean it. You get to pick your own vegetables straight out of a garden with edible soil to french press into the freshest cocktail ever. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

Chef Skinner (AKA the crazy scientist, AKA Willy Wonka) will even take visitors through the “food lab” before the meal. Inside the lab, you can peak into the magic of Eculent by seeing their rotary evaporators, freeze dryers, and liquid nitrogen systems.

Some of the meals include Caeser with edible dirt, the one-bite BLT, the One Of Three Sisters, Sous Vide New York Strip, the Campfire, and the Tiramisu that you suck right out of a straw.

The restaurant is open Thursday through Saturday but is booked for July and August. You can still get on the waitlist by visiting their website though, and we recommend you do so ASAP!

So grab five of your best friends and hurry to plan this one-of-a-kind dinner experience! There’s no other like it in the nation!

Eculent Restaurant

Price:  💸💸💸

Address: 709 Harris Ave, Kemah, TX 77565

Why you should go: If not for the ultimate “farm to glass” experience, then to tour the super secret lab!


Source: Eculent Restaurant In Houston Has A Crazy 30-Course Experience – Narcity