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Online car sales platform Auto Trader has launched a new car fragrance. But it’s not for your car – it’s for you.

The inspiration comes after Auto Trader’s research found that the scent of a new car was most-associated with success, with 25 percent of respondents claiming as much. It also found that an association with success commanded respect in the workplace. Success is also reported to increase someone’s attractiveness.

Auto Trader Au de New Car fragrance

Success equals attractiveness and respect, and the smell of new cars implies success. Which brings us to the new Auto Trader scent: Eau de New Car. It’s designed to give you the smell of a new car and, by extension, success.

The so-called ‘purifying fragrance’ will set you back £175 for a 50ml bottle, and yes, you can buy it now on Auto Trader. The scent blends smells of quality leathers and leather wax, with quality automotive carpeting, that you’d get when climbing into a new car.

“When our research found that the scent of a new car is the one which people are most likely to associate with success, we couldn’t resist creating a bespoke fragrance which brings this to life,” said Auto Trader’s Rory Reid.

Auto Trader Au de New Car fragrance

“Let’s face it – the feeling you get when getting into a brand-new car is unforgettable. There’s little wonder that this is the scent we most associate with success. Why shouldn’t we be able to smell that scent and feel that way all the time?

“Eau de New Car is a scent like no other. It is your own personal spritz of success, to provide an instant, refreshing lift.”

The former Top Gear presenter has channelled his inner Jonny Depp, sans Dodge Challenger, modelling the fragrance for the video advertisement. The limited-edition fragrance is available while stocks last. We expect Auto Trader’s entry into the world of fragrances is more a dalliance than a lasting presence.

Source: Scent-sation: You can smell like a new car for £175 | Motoring Research