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Perfumery & Co. at The Dubai Mall has launched the Art of Scent Exhibition that will take visitors on an exquisite aromatic journey where the works of art are perfumes.

Running until July 12, The Art of Scent Exhibition is organised by Perfumery & Co and curated by former New York Times Perfume Critic, Chandler Burr, in collaboration with Art Emaar.

Exploring fragrances lent by international, regional and local brands, Burr has chosen 11 works of scent art from select collections in Perfumery & Co that are among the most refined and carefully curated in the world.

Comprising creations of significant contemporary artists, The Art of Scent Exhibition delves into the works of Thierry Wasser, Christophe Laudamiel, Patricia de Nicolaï, Daphnée Bugey and Jérome Epinette.

To extend the understanding of the scent medium, Burr has paired each work of scent art with a stylistically and technical similar work of visual art, chosen from Art Emaar’s extensive collection of contemporary works – displayed in Fashion Avenue.

Inspired by nature and the desert, this exhibition invites guests on an immersive olfactory journey designed to celebrate the art of scent. The installation itself is an elegant work of art designed by Dubai-based studio LOCI architecture+design.

A journalist, author, and curator of olfactory art, Chandler created the New York Times perfume critic’s position, which he occupied from 2006-2010. In 2010, he left the Times to establish the world’s first department of scent art, at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.

The Art of Scent in The Dubai Mall is his third original exhibit after highly acclaimed Art of Scent exhibitions in Barcelona and New York.

The Dubai Mall, the flagship retail and leisure destination of Emaar Malls, is part of Downtown Dubai, Emaar Properties’ mega-development.

Source: Dubai Mall: Perfumery & Co Launches the Art of Scent Exhibition