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Credit: Disney

From cinnamon to twisted peppermint to chestnuts on a roasted fire, there are so many wonderful smells that are associated with the holidays. And now, Disneyland is spicing things up by adding some brand new scents into their popular attraction, “it’s a small world”, for the holiday season.

Small World Holiday
Credit: D23

Each and every year, Disneyland transforms “it’s a small world” into a beloved holiday version, which celebrates children from all around the world, and this year this special overlay will return for its 23rd year starting on Friday, November 8.

For the 2019 holiday season, Disneyland has decided to introduce three brand new aromatic scents to the holiday overlay:

small world
Credit: Disney


it’s a small world” will puff out lovely smells of tropical coconut as you dance with the hula girls through the South Seas scene of the attraction.

Credit: Disney

Cherry Blossom

While you are enjoying the classic attraction, you may notice a new smell while riding through the Asia scenes. Aromas of cherry blossom will fill your nose as you enjoy the holiday decor and animated dolls.

asia small world ride
Credit: Disney

Each year, a Disney team consisting of designers, electricians and painters help to transforms “it’s a small world” with a holiday overlay, which features beautiful seasonal decor, unique holiday costumes for the animatronic dolls and over 400,000 lights!

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Source: Disneyland adds new scents to “it’s a small world” for holidays