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Desperados has taken the party underwater in a new experiential effort for the ‘Release Your Inner Tequila’ campaign.

The Heineken-owned brand rented out the world’s deepest pool and hosted a ‘Deep House’ party featuring producer Elrow and world-renowned DJs Peggy Gou and Artwork.

The Y-40 Deep Joy Pool in Venice is 42m deep and holds 4,300 cubic metres of water. It was here some 400 fans, media and influencers were invited to take a dip in bespoke diving suits.

They could then listen to, and dance to, tracks, while others looked on outside the tank. Meanwhile, musician Peggy Gou performed her set life, with the tracks being boomed out of aquatic speakers.

To further resonate with audiences, the company also created a branded soundtrack from the experience with Artwork called ‘Deep Down’.

Diederik Vos, global brand director of Desperados, said: “Desperados is an expert in curating events that push the boundaries of wild experimentation, innovation and fun.

“With ever-evolving party trends, it’s great to be able to show how any place, no matter how unusual, can be turned into a dance floor and to prove that unique experiences have a positive effect on people. With our events we’re giving our fans a new way to party.”

It builds upon previous activations from the brand in the campaign, including Sound Stage: Watt The Frequency, the world’s first global DIY mobile sound system performance with KiNK; SkyFest, the first ever hot air balloon electronic light orchestra; Train Trax, an ordinary train wired into a music instrument; Bass Drop, a party onboard a plane at zero gravity, 30,000ft above the Nevada desert; and House Party Plugged, which saw an ordinary house transformed into a backing track.

Source: Desperados submerges party in world’s deepest pool for multi-sensory stunt | The Drum