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Birthdate Co.

  • Birthdate co. offers candles that are customized based on your Zodiac sign.
  • Each uniquely scented candle has detailed personality information based on your date of birth.
  • I tried the candle and think it makes a great personalized, astrology-themed gift.

In a world filled with candle options, it can be hard for new contenders to stand out. However, Birthdate Co.‘s astrology-themed candles immediately caught my attention. Each candle has a unique scent based on the Zodiac sign and birthday of the recipient. Birthdate offers an astonishing 366 candles, each with a different scent and detailed Zodiac, numerology, and tarot information printed on the labels.

The brand also launched The Birthdate Book, which takes an even more in-depth look into the astrological birth chart of the recipient. The book offers a full analysis of the person’s sun, moon, and rising signs. Founder Ajay Mehta wanted Birthdate Co.’s products to focus on multiple aspects of a birth chart instead of just the commonly known sun sign. “Overall, we want to provide products, both the candle and the book, that let you dive a little bit deeper, beyond your sun sign,” he said.

I tested the June 23rd candle and The Birthdate Book and found both to be extremely personalized and a great way to start or continue your journey with astrology. I also spoke with Mehta to learn more about the creation and development process of the candles.

What are Birthdate candles?

Founder Ajay Mehta launched Birthdate Co. in 2019 after seeing the growing popularity of astrology and astrology-themed products. However, he noticed that there was a lack of truly personalized products available. “There weren’t really that many, in my opinion, cool, unique products for people that were interested in astrology or wanting to give great gifts based on astrology,” said Mehta.

Every Birthdate candle is hand poured in the US and made with all-natural soy and coconut wax blends, which is important if you prefer to avoid the chemicals that paraffin wax releases. The candles can burn from 60 to 80 hours and have a great scent throw.

The scent-development process for the candles was intensive. Mehta worked closely with a team of astrologers and master perfumers to develop scents that not only fit with each sign but also smell great. “We used the astrological traits of a given person to help determine what sorts of fragrances, what kind of floral or what kinds of woodsy elements, would be good to add to their scent,” said Mehta.

What’s it like to receive a Birthdate candle?

Receiving a Birthdate candle is a special experience. The candles arrive in beautifully designed boxes that you can store them in when not in use. The candle itself is in a clear glass vessel with labels on both sides. They feature a personality description and details on your tarot card, ruling number, and ruling planet. Each candle has three scent notes based on your birthday. Mine were rose, chamomile, and ylang ylang. The candle’s scent was light and floral, and I could clearly smell the chamomile and rose notes.

What other products does Birthdate Co. sell?

Birthdate Co. has extended its product selection with the customized Birthdate Book. The book features a 70-page, in-depth analysis of the recipient’s entire birth chart, with a focus on sun, moon, and rising signs. While anyone who shares the same birthday can have the same Birthdate candle, the Birthdate Book is specifically created for each person, so no two books are the same. The book is handy for someone who’s familiar with their sun sign but may not know much about the rest of their birth chart.

In order to personalize the book, Birthdate Co. requires a fair amount of private information, including the date, time, and location of the recipient’s birth. “All data provided by customers is encrypted and only accessible for production, support, and fulfillment purposes,” according to a representative for the company. Birthdate Co. stores the information on secure servers hosted by Amazon and Shopify.

The bottom line

All in all, Birthdate Co.’s candle are great for gifting due to their personalized nature.

Even when not lit, the candle makes for a conversation-starting piece of decor, and it can be fun to compare each candle’s scent differences with friends. The glass jar also becomes a keepsake and storage container once the candle is burned down.

While this candle smells and burns similarly to other candles, its unique design and custom feel makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Source: Birthdate Co. offers 366 uniquely scented candles based on your Zodiac sign — here’s what it’s like to receive one