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DRNK AR launched unique AR Experiences for PengWine at a private event during F1 Weekend in Singapore through the first scalable AR Platform for beverages.

PengWine is excited to roll out our new AR Experience with DRNK. We are confident that it will increase our engagement and education of consumers about our unique wines from Chile.”

— Chris Milliken

– Co-founder of PengWine, Chris Milliken is confident that DRNK’s AR Experiences will “increase engagement and education of consumers about unique wines from Chile”
– First of many AR Experiences with strong interest shown from the industry in the recent rollout of DRNK Platform, and the upcoming global rollout of the DRNK AR App

During Singapore’s F1 weekend, PengWine launched their inaugural and exclusive AR Experience with DRNK AR. The unique AR Experiences tell the romantic story around two penguins, the bottle of wine they represent and the origins of PengWine in Chile – all in Augmented Reality. PengWine aims to enhance the consumer’s sensory and educational experiences through their AR Experience centered around their wine bottles and brands. Co-Founder of PengWine, Chris Milliken stated during the event: “PengWine is excited to roll out our new AR Experience with DRNK. We are confident that it will increase our engagement and education of consumers about our unique wines from Chile.”

Guests were invited to participate in a blind tasting of some of PengWine’s signature wines. The full range of PengWine bottles are in Augmented Reality through DRNK AR, which enhanced their wine experience and memory by showcasing special and interactive AR Experiences of all the wines they had just tasted. The event attendees were surprised by the animated 3D Gala and Pagos AR Experiences that came to life in the DRNK AR App.

DRNK AR is currently seeing increased interest in their technology from potential clients, globally. The tailored Augmented Reality Experiences they offer is a clear differentiator for brands of wine, beer and spirits, and is very well received within the Asian market. The DRNK Platform was officially launched last week, giving brands the opportunity to immediately launch Augmented Reality Experiences through the DRNK AR App. This scalable AR Marketing Platform is the first of its kind for the industry, and also provides new insights into consumers and markets that was previously unavailable. 1st of October also marks the official global launch of the DRNK AR App.

About DRNK
With DRNK, we redefine how brand owners, distributors and merchants market and communicate to consumers through beverage products. Driven by technology and data, we offer a personalized, engaging and interactive channel via Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality that businesses control and manage.

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About PengWine
PengWine is a premium boutique Chilean wine company challenging the general perceptions surrounding produce originating from the region. Tapping on years of experience and expertise, the company’s founders deploy traditional harvesting and manufacturing techniques, setting a unique and unrivaled benchmark within the industry.

Source: Augmented Reality Experiences for Beverages Launched with DRNK AR at F1 Singapore – EIN News

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