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There are barbecues, buffets, cheap eats and fine dining – and then there is this. Billed as the most expensive restaurant in the world, Sublimotion promises an experience unlike anything else. Established on the Spanish party island of Ibiza, the eatery sets you back $2,300 per person.

For your money you will get 20 courses across three hours. But if the breathtaking number of meals is not enough to impress, Chef Paco Roncero still has plenty in his armoury with projections, light installations and virtual reality transporting diners into wildly different setting.

Ibiza restaurant Sublimotion uses projections, light installations and virtual reality to create something fresh.

The experience begins before diners have even entered the venue, with the edible ticket tasting like chocolate and lime.

Once inside and guests are seated, the setting is routinely refreshed by computers offering lighting effects, smells, wind and smoke for a truly multi-sensory experience. Guests tuck into the usual fine dining delights including caviar, oysters and champagne. But the individuality comes from how each meal is served.

Diners are served 20 courses across three hours.
Diners are served 20 courses across three hours.

Roncero, who opened doors to Sublimotion in 2014, has created a vegetable garden with soil that is completely edible (a mixture of blacked olives and bread), a simulated train trip, while seafood dishes are served up in an underwater world. He said people had high hopes for their experiential dining experience. “In Ibiza, the show is very, very important,” he said.

“Now the show is 50 per cent and the food is 50 per cent.” The restaurant seats a maximum of 12 people and is booked out months in advance. Roncero said the game was never over, with new ways to innovate always on his mind. “We are always thinking, thinking, thinking,” he said.

Source: Experience the ‘world’s most expensive restaurant’