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Angel Share Artworks recently revamped, in their own way, the whiskey flavor chart. The company uses graphics to explore the stories and themes that have shaped this brown spirit type.

“We empower whisky enthusiasts around the world to better understand their palate and elevate their appreciation and enjoyment of whisky,” noted the Angel Share Artworks team in a prepared statement.

Angel Share Artworks

A flavor chart from Angel Share Artworks (image via Angel Share Artworks)

The graphics used are scientifically proven to stimulate flavor recall, Angel Share says, by providing visual cues for the whisky tasting experience in three steps. First, assess the color, activate the flavors and pick out the tasting notes.

Angel Share Artworks can create an infinite number of themes and styles to personalize a chart for individual tastes. Customers can select from 175 whisky flavors, organized into 8 categories and 31 sub-categories.

The company started amid the COVID-19 pandemic after Craig Townsend, who worked as a design director at a creative agency in London before the national lockdown in March 2020, left his job.

Townsend decided to combine his design experience with his passion for whisky and create Angel Share Artworks to enhance his own experience of tasting whisky, as well as others.

Townsend and his wife shot over 175 pictures that represented the different flavors, like apple, bark, chocolate, nuts, wine and some off-the-beaten-path notes like tar, mining lamps and sweaty sneakers.

The Origin Series was inspired by origin mysteries, represented through a pyramidal stairway leading to a portal to another world. There are two editions in this series: The Solas Edition, meaning light in Scots Gaelic, and The Dorcha Edition, meaning dark in Scots Gaelic. The Contour Series explores how the local environment impacts the flavors, including the eight regional styles of Scotch.

The name Angel Share  Artworks, for the curious, is derived from angel’s share, an “affectionate term used in whisky production, referring to the volume of whisky lost to evaporation during the critical ageing process. It is thought that the mysterious volume of whisky is so divine, it is taken to be enjoyed by angels.

“Angel Share Artworks is here to unlock the mystery of whisky, note by note, dram after dram.”

Source: Angel Share Artworks Takes New Approach To Whisky Flavor Chart – The Whiskey Wash