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Scented candles are a staple in any home, and now Aldi are selling four new ones that smell like different types of cake.

Perfect for any Great British Bake Off fans, or just those of you with a sweet tooth, you can fill your home with the scents of popular desserts. Delicious!

The candles are priced at £2.79 each, for a 312g jar. They’re available now and are only available while stocks last, so you’ll need to be quick.

The good news is if you don’t have an Aldi nearby, you can order them online, as all four scents are currently available on there. Standard delivery is just £2.95 too.

Credit: Aldi

Shoppers can choose between four scents, and trust us, it’s a very hard choice. First up is the iconic Jaffa Cake candle, because who doesn’t love the combination of chocolate and orange?


Credit: Aldi

Then we have Coconut Cake Candle, which Aldi say is perfect if you want something ‘more tropical’. They also claim the candle has a ‘welcoming’ scent, ideal for when you have guests.


Credit: Aldi

If you’re a lover of very sweet scents, then their Marshmallow Fluff Candle will be right up your street. It might be too sweet for some, but we’re willing to give it a go!


Credit: Aldi

Finally, they have created another iconic dessert scent. Fans of Strawberry Pavlova will be delighted to know you can now fill your home with the smell of the fruity dessert.

If you want to stock up, there are plenty of cheap candles to get your hands on.

You’re definitely not compromising on scent either, as they all smell fantastic!

Will you be heading down to your local store to try some of these? Let us know which of the scents is your favourite!

Source: Aldi are selling a JAFFA CAKE scented candle – and we want one!

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