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Same applies to cracking exams; be it class 10 and 12 boards exams or national levels entrance examinations like JEE Main, GATE, NEET, CLAT, or even IAS. During preparation, most students dwell in the vicious circle of mugging and revision. Whereas, they can easily increase their chances of scoring well in any exam by simply training their brain.

Human brain is the most powerful tool, which holds great potential. Like you see in movies how scientists train AI to get better with experiences, your brain works just like that. Your brain, that is you, keep on becoming smarter based on your experiences. With dedication and handwork, your brain can be trained to achieve your expectations and even beyond it. Here are five powerful ways to train your brain for any exam.

#1. Train your brain to be focused and active at the exam hour – You may have observed that you automatically wake up at the same time on holidays, as your school or college days. This happens because of the circadian rhythm. It is a natural sleep-wake cycle of the body which repeats in 24 hours. Our body and mind train themselves according to the actions we take daily.

Students can use this natural process of the body to stay active and focused during the exam. To do so, a student needs to attempt mock tests or solve sample papers at the exactly the same time, at which they will appear for the exam. However, this has to be every day, religiously. By doing so, the brain and body will get used to taking tests at that same duration.

#2. Clear that study table at the corner, and use it – Another useful medium to train your brain for the exams is by studying on table and chair. Slouched on the bed, is a very comfortable position but during the examination, students have to sit on the table and chair.

Researchers have found that people who work on bed are not able to sleep well because their brain recognizes bed as a place to work and not rest. Similarly, by studying on table and chair students can train their brain to stay productive at the exam.

#3. Stimulate your senses to have better memory – It is a misconception that memory is limited to reading, writing, and watching. Tasting and smelling contribute equally to building memory. Students who aim to have a better memory should try new smell, eat different type of food or even watching and listening to different types of shows and music. This will optimize learning and memory faculties.

#4. Learn to read and write faster – Reading and writing and both are associated with the left side of the brain. It plays a crucial role in determining performance of a student in the exam. Students who can read and write fast, can comprehend and solve answers faster. Hence, saving time for revision.

To improve reading speed, instead of reading word by word try to develop a habit of reading an entire section in one look. To do so, you have to skim through the information. Train yourself by taking a book to read and at first glance try to capture as many things as you can in a paragraph. Then go back, read the paragraph in your normal speed and check how much you could perceive in the first glance. This exercise will build your photographic memory and will also help in sharper memory.

#5. Improve memory by brushing before sleeping! – As per Dr Raman Malhotra, MD, professor of neurology at Washington University Sleep Center, memory retention is not optimal right before sleeping. People who read before sleeping might find it difficult to recall what they studied just before dozing off. Hence, there should be a break of 5 to 10 minutes between studying and sleeping. Students can use Dr Malhotra’s advice of brushing teeth between studying and sleep to remember.

If you are determined, and work hard, no one can stop you. These tips will make your journey easier and help you achieve more on the way. Best of luck for all the great things you are setting out to do!

Source: 5 Powerful Ways to Train Your Brain for Any Exam! – AglaSem News