Confronting the feel, smell and taste of blood

Human blood can be made into bio-plastic. It is dried, powdered, moulded into a shape, heated to 200 degrees Celsius and put under 10 tonnes of pressure. It might become an ornament or a bowl or a drinking cup.

But what if a person with the HIV virus had donated the blood in the bio-plastic? Would you touch it, eat from it, drink from it?

Science says you shouldn’t be at all bothered. The bio-plastic will be completely sterilised once heated to 120 degrees. But would you hesitate?

Random sensory quotes

“We are excited by the amount of interest we have had in our programs and the possibility of opening a local Learning Center in the Austin community. This overview is an excellent opportunity for parents and educators to learn how a person’s sensory system is connected to learning, and how focusing on processing, rather than methods, can make a significant difference in an individual’s learning in a relatively short time period.”

— Nanci Bell