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KFC may have gotten its start in America, but its popularity has spread worldwide, via Matador Network. The fast-food chain is especially popular in Asia, and the chain even offers special menu items in select locations, like the Twister or the Tender Beef Pentagon. KFC has even become popular for Christmas dinner in Japan, reports CNN, with many customers having to reserve their fried chicken buckets ahead of time, or risk waiting in long lines to grab some food.

KFC is no stranger to selling chicken-related products to its customers. Eater reports that it has previously sold vinyl records, comic books, a chicken bucket that could print photos on-demand, fried chicken-scented candles, and even flavored nail polish. While these items certainly get people talking about the restaurant chain, not all of them are a hit among fans. In fact, the fast-food company’s most recent product announcement became the target of some controversy.

KFC chicken incense


KFC Thailand announced the release of fried chicken-scented incense sticks to commemorate the Chinese New Year, reports Food Beast. The sticks not only smell like the restaurant’s food but the outer appearance was made to mimic the feel of fried chicken skin as well.

The incense was reportedly marinated in KFC’s top-secret 11 herbs and spices in order to achieve the exact smell of the restaurant’s fried chicken. While the brand did note that the incense sticks were not for sale, it encouraged fans to follow its Facebook page for further information, hinting at a future release.

However, some commenters were unhappy about the product. Food Beast reports that incense is often used for religious practices, including funerals, prayers, and special ceremonies. The commenters were concerned that the importance of incense was being turned into “a joke” by the company. The post has since been removed from the KFC Thailand Instagram, though no statement has been made by the company in response.

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