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When it comes to tech, geeks are always chasing the latest CPUs and GPUs, to increase productivity and attain the ultimate gaming experience. But in the process of finding out what’s cooking in the PC Master Race, there is always the worry of the amount of heat generated from the latest chipsets.

But of course, there is also the other trend of geeks cooking food on their Intel and AMD CPUs. One such Japanese YouTuber has managed to somehow make the whole cooking experience strangely therapeutic. Perhaps its the lack of a language barrier and simply enjoying the sizzling of food being cooked, accompanied by soothing music, and finishing off with seasoning right at the end. Those “meatsinks” look oddly delicious, we can almost smell them.

First off, nothing beats having steak sizzling on a CPU, check out these “meatsinks”:

And now, on to boiling and frying an egg:

Want more? There’s even cooking a pancake:

Source: Who Knew The Scent Of Steak & Eggs Cooking on Computer CPUs Could Be This Appealing | Geek Culture

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