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Smell coming to Pimax VR headset as output.

VR headset maker Pimax Technology and VAQSO partner to create VR device with scent simulation. VAQSO, a startup with Japanese roots, has unveiled it’s virtual reality scent device last year. Smell is an important sensory experience. Adding smell to a virtual reality experience is more powerful than you think.

The question is, how well VAQSO’s scents work and if they can fool our brain in believing that these are authentic smells. VAQSOʼs scented-VR device is scheduled to be released as an accessory to Pimax’s VR headsets. Chinese Pimax is working on Pimax 8K, the world’s first 8k virtual reality headset. The company raised over $4m on Kickstarter for the Pimax 8K last year.

Pimax is also planning to integrate VAQSO VR into Pimax’s SDK. The release date of the Pimax 8K VR headset is a moving target. The company has just shipped Pimax 8K units to a few beta testers. The release to the backers of Pimax 8K should commence soon.

The VASQO VR Scent device allows to place up to 5 different scent cartridges. All scents last roughly one month. The band of the VASQP scent device uses an adjustable velcro strap which allows it to be compatible with any HMD.

In the meantime, get the Oculus Go. Cheap, no cables and great optics. For most VR experiences, especially 360 vids, the Oculus Go is all you need.

Source: Pimax 8K VR Headset Gets VAQSO Scent Simulator