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justinbeiber and avrillavigne/Instagram

The ultimate Canadian mash-up between Tim Hortons and Justin Beiber is bringing us new flavours and a new way to love Tims.

Starting on November 29, fans can snap up limited-edition “Timbiebs” in flavours like Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip, and Birthday Cake Waffle.

But why stop there?

We dreamed up a few Canadian celebrities and Tim Horton’s pairings that just make sense when you think about them.


Tim Hortons could really class up the joint with champagne flavoured Timbits if they did a collaboration with the Champagne Papi himself.

Pamela Anderson

It’s high time Tim Hortons has more vegan options, and the famous animal-loving Pamela Anderson would be the perfect collaboration for plant-based Timbits.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds could bring a few bottles of his Aviation Gin to the party and majorly booze up Tim Horton’s doughnut offerings. We need “adult” Timbits yesterday.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock played in the CFL and his dad was born in Nova Scotia, so he has a lot of ties to Canada and dual citizenship. He should release a jumbo-sized Timbit that’s like twice as large as a regular one.

Celine Dion

If Tim Hortons and Celine Dion teamed up, they could release a special heart-shaped Timbit to honour one of her best songs, “My Heart Will Go On.”

Seth Rogen

There are endless creative possibilities for a Tim Hortons and Seth Rogen mash-up, from a pineapple flavour inspired by his film Pineapple Express to a ganja flavour.

Keanu Reeves

Because The Matrix is one of the greatest films ever made, Tim Hortons could release red and blue Timbits, just like the red and blue pills from the film.

Avril Lavinge

Tim Hortons should do a ton of different sprinkle covered doughnuts, including black and pink colours, for a Timbit worthy of Canada’s pop-punk icon.

Source: “Timbiebs”: Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons launch limited-edition Timbits | Dished