“You can have a multi-sensory experience by just listening to a buzzing city and its local languages, taking in the various smells that make a lane distinct or just feeling the vibe of a quaint town,” he told MSN. And when he jumped from a plane over the Swiss Alps, he felt like every minute sensation, including the free-fall, the wind and the air pressure.

Source: This Man Has Gone ‘Sightseeing’ On All 7 Continents… And He’s Blind

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“There are only a few things like music, entertainment, sports, politics that can stir emotions. It’s a psychology. And I think [the young fans] just want to invest in something that has changed them somehow or in some way. At that age things are very exciting. And if there’s something that helps them stay positive, they’re going to want to invest their time and energy in whatever it is that guides that emotion. In this case, it’s expressed in signs and t-shirts and a lot of enthusiasm.”

— Ben Romans