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It has been said that the more senses used in any activity, the better the experience of that activity will be. And I know for certain this holds true for the art of writing. Feeling a writing instrument in one’s hand and hearing it glide along a blank sheaf of paper is a tough act to follow, not to mention the pleasure found in seeing one’s script spill across an open page. And now Caran d’Ache is introducing scented pencils that offer another sensory dimension. The Scented Pencils of ‘la Maison Caran d’Ache’ ed. no. 9 write well and smell great, too.

Caran d’Ache has long collaborated with masters in their respective fields, most recently with British designer Paul Smith, creating a limited edition 849. And now the Geneva-based brand is partnering with Mizensir, a Swiss brand whose oeuvre includes scented candles and fragrances. The collection comprises four graphite pencils, carved from fine woods, manufactured entirely in Geneva. The fragrance? Alps Spirit.

The scent was developed by Master Perfumer and founder of Mizensir, Alberto Morillas, who was born in Spain but moved to Switzerland at the age of 10. He describes himself as “mostly self-trained” in perfumery, beginning his career at the School of Beaux Arts in Geneva. The award-winning Morillas is the “nose” behind many of the perfumes we know and love, including Calvin Klein’s CK One and Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani.

Interestingly, handwriting is important to Morillas in his creative process, adding insight available nowhere else, he says. Thus this partnership between Mizensir and Caran d’Ache seems particularly suitable.

“I like to write all of my formulas with my pen,” Morillas told the Perfume Society in an interview. “It’s vital to handwrite,” he explained. “When I write the word ‘rose’ by hand I can smell it—but typing on a computer is too fast, too impersonal.” He continued, “I change the color of the ink I use all the time, too, depending what perfume formula I am writing—because that also changes the emotion and the smell for me.”

Unlike traditional everyday pencils, many of which are made from cedar (at least in the US), these are made from ayous and poplar woods, chosen for solidity and lightness and their ease of sharpening. The wood is selected according to the highest standards, and each set of four pencils features leads from 100% natural products. The solvent-based finish is scented.

The Scented Pencils of ‘la Maison Caran d’Ache’ ed. no. 9 are available at all Caran d’Ache boutiques and points of sale, as well as via the Caran d’Ache e-boutique.

Source: The Nose Knows: New Scented Pencils From Caran D’Ache