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Entering a fragrant environment conveys pleasure and more and more people appreciate it. Not only in one’s home, but also in hotels, shops and spas. According to data from Fortune Business Insight, an American market research company, the turnover of home fragrances in 2019 was 22.89 billion dollars and expects it to reach $ 27.63 billion by 2027, exhibiting a 3.1% CAGR over the forecast period. More and more we talk about olfactory marketing, the use of a strategically chosen fragrance to perfume the environment where the consumer enters and induce him to purchase.

Atmosphere and warmth with home fragrances

The right fragrance is able to communicate the identity of the brand and the correct use can increase sales and brand loyalty. “Olfactory marketing has evolved over the years and I was a visionary when in 2000 I started the olfactory branding business with the intuition that there would be growth over the years”, says Paolo Persico, CEO of Scent Company – Gruppo CULTI Milano . “Alongside our historical customers of fashion houses and important luxury hotel brands, our consultancy has extended to all the realities that work in the hospitality world, such as catering that wants to communicate the values ​​with which it researches and combines ingredients between flavors and aromas. The real turning point in olfactory marketing, especially in the last year, is represented by the events. The fragrance created ad hoc in the course of events is able to remain etched in the memory of the guest, who brings home the memory of a special moment, not to be forgotten ».

A unique experience that promises to make the five senses vibrate is that of MAP – Musica Arte Profumi, a format created by the Società del Quartetto di Milano in collaboration with PalazzoCrespi and Scent Company, conceived with the intention of combining: sounds, colors and perfumes in an intoxicating multisensory atmosphere. Olfactory marketing also for luxury cars. The second CULTI MILANO capsule collection for Automobili Lamborghini has just been launched, whose diffuser décor was created by the artist Francesco Poroli.

Sensory experiences

Smell is one of the most perceptive and instinctive senses that creates indelible memories in the memory. Each of us has an olfactory memory, the notes that are part of our personal baggage are capable of arousing emotions and memories. The memory remains in the hypothalamus which stores and keeps in memory the emotions combined with the olfactory notes of that fragrance. “Perfume is pure marketing, it is a very powerful means, still little used to create positive links with the brand,” says Fabrizio Tagliacarne, fragrance composer and founder of Omnia Profumi and Fabrizio Tagliacarne Perfumes. «For many years we have been developing olfactory paths to create connections between products and senses. I have developed customized fragrances for different brands, even those not in the perfumery sector. The latest fragrances I created were for an Austrian luxury chalet brand, ambient fragrances that establish a connection between the warm and luxurious environment of the Chalets and the memory of an indelible Austrian holiday for guests »

The house transmits our scent

There are many ways to perfume a home, to ensure that the place where we live transmits positive sensations, a clean and good scent, which is not heavy and intrusive. “Diffusers are certainly necessary to guarantee an atmosphere, but room sprays are also fine, especially if they are persistent”, suggests Roberto Drago co-founder together with Daniela Caon of Kaon and creative director of Laboratorio Olfactive. “Depending on the area, it is a good idea to choose specific fragrances so that they can give a sense of welcome: in the living room better clean and fresh notes, in the kitchen the notes that are reconciled with food, in the bedroom relaxing notes”. Remember that a 100ml perfumer will work only for very small rooms, while for larger rooms it is necessary to use 250ml bottles with a wider mouth and taller sticks. If the environment is very large it is necessary to put more than one. «Fruity or woody fragrances are the ones you feel the most, while vanilla or floral ones are more delicate – concludes Tagliacarne -. If the windows are open, they create more diffusion but make the fragrance wear out more quickly so it is better not too close to windows and radiators, rather to implement the perfume use the same fragrance in spray to strengthen the intensity of the perfume in the environment ».

Source: The home fragrance business Latest News