the collaborative installation of SONOS, banbanbanban, and superNature creates a visual motion projection in the space, which allows the flow of new experiences and the existence of sound. the sound ‘rays’ its graphical form into the air and space to make itself visible for the observer so that they re-explore the notion of it.

the video shows a box, in which SONOS’ playbase — the brand’s sound streamer — plays banbanbanban’s music, visualizing it through animation created by superNature. the observer, sitting in a chair in the middle of the box installed by touching studio, experiences the ‘ray of sound’.

Source: SONOS visualizes sounds through graphical rays, with banbanbanban & superNature

Random sensory quotes

“Perhaps there is a sadist in me which delights in swimming against the gray onrush of commuters; of boarding an empty train in a teeming station-one of those coaches with the special fusty smell of aging upholstery.”

— Alan Franks