Smell is an important part of snacking, study finds

When it comes to the “sensorial playground,” millennials want new and different flavors, new texture experiences, and strong, natural smells that bring a specific environment to mind.

“Ultimately, we know that millennials in these countries are looking for three key things regarding snacks: authenticity, a sensorial playground and health,”Ciara McCabe, Consumer Insights Manager with Kerry Europe and Russia, told Bakery and Snacks.

Source: Smell is an important part of snacking, study finds | Food Dive

Random sensory quotes

a painter appeals to visual sense, while a musician plays to auditory senses; an actor performs to engage both, the eyes and ears of the audience, however, a culinary artist has a much more complex role to play, he said. He is said to be successful with his creation only if he is able to satisfy all five senses of the recipient; the eyes, ears, touch, smell and taste.

— M. Venjaiah Naidu