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Having established itself as the premier destination for art in the Yucatan Peninsula with holistically inspired, ecologically conscious, and alchemically transformative exhibitions featuring artists such as Cecilia Bengolea, Ernesto Neto and Sissel Tolaas, SFER IK, the unique multidisciplinary creative sphere founded by Social Entrepreneur and Visionary Roth, is launching a new initiative in its Tulum-based location: SCENO by SFER IK.

SCENO by SFER IK will focus on experiential and immersive art activations comprising audio, visual and olfactory elements. The space invites the audience to expand the spectrum of their sensory perception, redefine their spatial stance and become attuned to the rhythm of nature so as to eventually reconnect with their original creative impulse. Visitors, artists and performers alike will be encouraged to experience heightened levels of consciousness and connectivity to cocreate a unique holistic experience.

SCENO by SFER IK will launch the weekend of January 11-13th with a bespoke program curated by SFER IK’s Artistic Director and Curator Claudia Paetzold. An array of activations and workshops will introduce visitors to the space’s uniquely experimental programming mission.

The multidisciplinary sequence of offerings will gravitate around an installation by Data Garden-an LA based artist collective using technology to translate plant biorhythms into audio so participants can, effectively, listen to plants-which will be activated through group meditations and breathwork. Highlights will moreover comprise an alchemic dance soirée with the participation of artist Cecilia Bengolea who is currently part of ALLIGA on view at SFER IK in Francisco Uh May as well as an interspecies concert with singer Pascale Caristo. An introduction to the cosmic healing forces of plants by alchemist Gabriel Zapata will round off the programming.


Data Garden was founded by Joe Patitucci and Alex Tyson as a zero waste record label in 2011 releasing digital albums via download codes on handmade printed artwork embedded with seeds that could be planted and grown into flowers. Patitucci’s interest in holographic theory, generative, algorithmic and ambient music composition along with Alex Tyson’s interest in early studies in plant consciousness led the group to set out to create its first plant music installation at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2012. In 2013, Jon Shapiro joined Data Garden, exploring ways of presenting plant music in new spaces and formats as well as the relationship between fluctuations in plant music with feelings in his body when practicing yoga, while Joe started integrating plant music and meditation. Presently Data Garden is building a new plant music device, PlantWave, that will allow anyone with a plant and a smartphone to connect to nature through sound. Meanwhile, the group continues to share their work through public art, creating harmonious environments for humans to explore, discover and connect to the secret life of plants in the most prestigious venues around the world.


SCENO by SFER IK offers carefully curated multi sensorial inspirational journeys operating as a gateway to a heightened state of awareness and connectivity. SCENO diurnalis, open from the morning hours to sunset, invites visitors to discover and explore innovative immersive art installations, an archive of inspirations, avant-garde projections, and action-focused forums. At the onset of the night, SCENO nocturnalis immerses the audience into an experiential sphere. Healing vibrations intermingled with hypnotizing tunes, alchemic dance moves and contemporary rituals of celebration lead to a state of euphoria and a sublimated experience of community


Founded by Roth in April 2018, SFER IK Museion is an interdisciplinary creative sphere comprising exhibitions of some of the world’s finest visual artists, cutting-edge artisanal workshops which link ancestral practices with avant-garde techniques and visionary design, as well as innovative artist residencies focusing on interdisciplinary projects which culminate in new ways of experiencing and creating art. SFER IK enables local communities to access the creative sphere through dedicated workshops and educational programming.


For the last ten years, Roth has furthered a continuous dialogue with both indigenous and contemporary communities to foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge. With every project, Roth encourages the preservation of local culture and the recovery of insights and values from ancestral wisdom to promote different forms of interaction with and protection of the natural environment. This endeavor converges with the concern of exploring, through art, a reflection on human essence and the connection with our planet.


Claudia Paetzold is the curator and artistic director of SFER IK. A graduate of the Sorbonne, Harvard and Christie’s Education, Paetzold has been an art advisor and curator for more than ten years, building private collections and foundations, and acts moreover as a VIP art consultant for Art Basel. Her curatorial practice focuses on art as a catalyst for awareness and evolution. As the artistic director of SFER IK, she is developing original concepts which integrate contemporary art, ancestral knowledge, technological innovation, and applied sustainability to culminate in new ways of creating and experiencing art.

Source: SFER IK Launches SCENO