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MULTI-SENSORY theatre performance Whoosh! is open to the public at the Albany Entertainment Centre next week for one show only after its eight other shows completely sold out to local primary schools.

Whoosh! is the brainchild of Perth group Sensorium Theatre and is designed for children with disabilities.

The set of the show allows participants to touch, taste, smell and feel the story unfolding around them – they must work as a team with the characters of the production to fix a crashed spaceship so it can return to Earth.

It is suitable for children aged five to 10 years, including those with multiple and complex needs and those on the autism spectrum, and is wheelchair-friendly.

Co-artistic directors Francis Italiano and Michelle Hovane described Whoosh! as the Theatre’s most “ambitious production to date” and were keen to bring it to Albany.

“Sensorium Theatre always brings our audiences right into our stage settings with us, but with Whoosh! we wanted to bring them into being part of the actual story,” Mr Italiano said.

“When past audiences suggested we explore outer space, we started dreaming up a story world where technology could help them really feel part of a spaceship crew, so that we could all take the journey of our imaginations together,” Ms Hovane added.

The 60-minute theatre experience will be held on June 15 at 10.30am and tickets can be purchased online or at the entertainment centre’s box office.

Source: Sensory journey out of this world ~ The Great Southern Weekender