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Citizen launches new scent-diffusing wellness clock: SENSORY TIME™

In a time where working remotely, virtual school and stay-in date nights have taken on a whole new meaning, your home environment has never become more important. Leading watchmaker, Citizen, launches a new innovative scent diffusing wellness clock – Sensory Time™ for home and offices. This multi-functional sensory clock is fully integrated, time saving and a life enhancing product.

Our homes are our sanctuary; it is one of the few places where we feel comfortable, safe, and at peace. However, with the current events, many of us need to try to transform our homes into a more relaxing place, helping us to cope with all the stress that we might feel.

Caroline Fabrigas, CEO of Scent Marketing Inc. and Co-founder of Scent Invent Technology partnered with Citizen, D S Simon Media, and YourUpdate TV on a nationwide media tour to discuss the ways the scents can be used to create a relaxing home environment and discuss the launch of the new scent-diffusing wellness clock from Citizen called Sensory Time™.

The use of scent has become a vital part of everyday life as the pursuit for health and wellness increases. Created in partnership with IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances), one of the largest fragrance houses globally, the end result was an innovative, scent diffusion system that provides high quality aromas. Sensory Time is available with two essential oil blends: Lavender Escape and Citrus Boost. Lavender Escape is a calming, uplifting blend of aromatic and woody noted for a sense of calm and a feeling of comfort and balance. Citrus Boost is an uplifting surge of stimulating botanicals for a sense of rejuvenation.

This noiseless aroma machine can use essential oil directly without any water. Water based evaporators or fans destroy all the properties of the essential oil which are important for well-being. By using solid state diffusion technology the scent machine preserves all the good properties of the essential oil while providing a subtle diffusion Sensory Time also uses 100% essential oil, leaving nothing to waste. Nano particles leave no residue and allow you to scent a 500 cubic square feet house or office space subtly and efficiently. Replenishment oil supply will be sold to separately.

Sensory Time is offered in three modern designs: White on Expresso Wood (CC1038), White on White (CC1036), and White on Dark Grey (CC1037). All clocks retail at $99.00.

Sensory Time’s other unique features include precision timekeeping with a 24-hour digital clock and alarm for the scent diffusing mode, a Bluetooth wireless speaker that delivers pitch perfect sound, USB power source for extra charging capabilities and a modulating wellness light that adjusts to suit your mood.

Sensory Time is the perfect gift for this holiday season. It is available at

Source: Scents of Space: Citizen Helps to Create a Relaxing Environment at Home