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Fresh Scent: Fig and cypress. Approximate burning time: 45 hours
If we could have a different fancy candle for every mood we might experience on any given day, we definitely would. Unfortunately, the many mood swings that have become a very real part of living in the year 2020 mean we would be spending a lot of candles. That is, unless we’re shopping at Ikea. Today, the home good store announced a new affordable candle collaboration with the founder of the luxury fragrance brand Byredo.
Byredo candles usually run anywhere from $45 to $80, but with his new Ikea collab, the brand’s founder Ben Gorham is bringing down those prices significantly. The new limited collection is called OSYNLIG, and it features 19 candles with 13 different scents. According to Ikea’s announcement, the OSYNLIG scents are “inspired by the emotions that scent provokes — from nostalgia for the things you’ve done, to dreams of the things you might — and, above all, heighten the experience of being at home.”
Though that might sound a bit abstract, the candles do come in three main scent categories: fresh, floral, and woody. In addition to smelling amazing, the OSYNLIG candles also look beautiful. Each one comes in a rustic stoneware pot glazed with a blend of two colors chosen by Gorham to represent the ingredients used to make the scents. Discover the candles, their scent profiles, and burn time info ahead.
OSYNLIG candles officially launch at Ikea in November. With so much of our time spent at home, it feels like the right moment to invest in some great-smelling candles for our many moods. But, with price points at $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99, these will hardly count as a splurge.

Source: Ikea Just Announced An Affordable Collaboration With This Luxury Candle Brand