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“SCENTSIBLE” PARTNER. Mikaela Pacubas, business development manager of Ela Essentials, says business owners can make use of scents to enhance their company’s brand image, improve customer service, boost employee productivity and generate more sales. (SunStar Photo/Katlene O. Cacho)

Mikaela Pacubas, business development manager of Ela Essentials, said scent plays a crucial role in boosting productivity in the workplace as pleasant odors have a variety of positive effects on people’s behavior. It improves focus and memory and at the same time reduces stress and boosts energy.

Pacubas said scents are often used in retail outlets to entice customers to frequently visit them and shop more. In workplaces, scents help improve job performance as employees get more inspired to work and less likely to take absences. Scents are also widely used in spas to make clients feel relaxed and at peace.

“The scent marketing industry in the world especially in Europe and the United States is mature. The Philippines is still starting,” said Pacubas.

This gap has prompted Pacubas to introduce Ela Essentials, a brand under the group’s Surebright Manufacturing Industires Inc. that was established in March 2019.

Pacubas said they want Ela Essentials to be at the forefront of scent marketing in the Philippines to help elevate businesses and come up with the right environmental design and ambiance to drive revenues.

“We want to encourage business owners to make use of scents as an effective tool to drive success,” she said.

New business

The Pacubas family has been in the industry of establishment care for 68 years with Pacubas General Services Inc. providing manpower, building and property maintenance for 53 years and Surebright Manufacturing providing janitorial, industrial and commercial products for industry, personal and car care.

“We wanted to make it holistic. Of all the services we render, only scent is missing to make it complete. So we created Ela,” Pacubas said.

Ela Essentials provides complete services such as replenishment of essential oils, equipment installation and maintenance.

Among Ela’s corporate clients are hotels, restaurants, small offices, spas and business process management companies.

“We like to think of ourselves as your scentsible partner in progress,” she said.

Ela Essentials offers 12 kinds of essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, sandalwood and Lily of the valley.

In the future, Pacubas said they want to expand the product line and offer fusion oils and customized scents for those that want to translate their brands to signature smells.

She assured that their raw materials are sustainably sourced and procured from responsible supplier provenances with ingredients sourced from different countries like Spain and those in the Middle East.

Besides growing big in Cebu, Pacubas said they will make the brand accessible to key cities in the country including Manila. (KOC)

Source: Scents boost productivity, drive company sales – SUNSTAR