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Looking for the best way to “shoot your shot” this Valentine? Need the right trick to sweep your lover off his or her feet in this season of Love?

Take your love game to the next level and irresistibly enchant your lover’s heart with the memorable gift of a beautiful fragrance. You’d be surprised to know that cute little nose on bae’s face has an express lane leading straight to the heart.

Love and Scents Have a Connection

The human sense of smell has a subtle but powerful ability to awaken emotions, influence your mood and even evoke memories. This is because the olfactory organs have direct connections with the amygdala and hippocampus which are the parts of the brain responsible for emotions and memory.

This explains why fragrances have significant potential to act as a sensual trigger and set a romantic mood.

Give us a minute to walk you through the reason for which fragrances are so perfect for creating that amazing valentine aura than you might have thought.

Scents Evoke Memories

Have you ever noticed how you can walk into a room and immediately recall a memory as you caught the whiff of a familiar scent permeating the atmosphere? Or how miles away from home, you can instinctively be reminded of mama’s cooking because the restaurant you visited prepared your meal with mama’s favourite seasoning. This happens because our minds can store memories in the form of distinct scents.

Our Affections Bond With Scents

Ever hugged a pillow too tightly just so you could bask in the smell of bae’s hair lingering on it? Or slept on your other side of the bed just so you could be enveloped in your lover’s smell?

Just as with physical appearances, smell to a certain extent is a significant part of what makes one person find another attractive. That is why we are emotionally aroused and excited by the distinct smell of a lover.

A distinct room fragrance can make an unforgettable experience this Valentine. Welcome your lover to a room filled with love using a specially picked Airwick fragrance in your home.

Tell your loved one why this amazing fragrance describes how you feel about her, or why this irresistible scent reminds you a lot of him.

Moods are Influenced by Scents

Fragrances have been known to create certain atmospheres. Some scents can be soothing, relaxing or disturbing. You can set the mood with the aroma in different special ways this season. Set the scene for love this season by setting up a luxurious bath for your loved one, with the lights off and the air filled with the dreamy scents of an Airwick diffuser .

This Valentine, it’s okay to take babe on a cruise around the Caribbean or go dancing. Big gifts matter, but with Airwick, the subtle gift of a love-filled atmosphere is really what sets the mood.

So, stop at nothing to show your Romeo or Juliet just how special they are to you.

With every pack of AirWick Freshmatic, you purchase you get a free cute teddy bear keyring to gift a loved one this season. So why delay, with Airwick you can literally fill the air with love!

Source: Scent moves us