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Scent marketing is not only a very real ‘thing’ but is also an extremely powerful method by which companies are significantly increasing sales. Certainly not something to be sniffed at, intensive scientific research brings authoritative evidence that the subliminal response to strategically created fragrances can massively influence customer behavior. Around the world, savvy businesses of all sizes are taking full advantage of this new frontier of business marketing.

Smell, without a doubt, can evoke powerful emotions. Real estate marketers have long promoted the fragrance of freshly baked bread or ground coffee to tempt potential purchasers. And one only needs to recall how certain smells, such as freshly mown grass, make us feel. If more proof is necessary, then consider how particular aromas have a very real effect on the awakening of sexual desire. The olfactory system plays a fundamental role in stimulating emotions at a nonconscious level. So remarkable are the effects of such scent marketing that companies that fail to take advantage of this powerful strategy are putting themselves at a very real disadvantage.

The Rise Of Scent Marketing

The concept of smell as a sensory experience works on a subliminal level. Certain fragrances are scientifically proven to influence feelings, emotions, and behavior, and some of the biggest brand names have been utilizing this for many years. For example, Starbucks stores pervade customers with the aroma of freshly ground coffee. And while, of course, they sell this, they also sell food. But customers don’t smell that, they only perceive the fragrance of coffee, thanks to this being pumped into the air.

Another example is that of Cineplex, where the delightful whiff of popcorn is apparent, and who doesn’t associate a good movie with a bucket of this salty or sweet treat? Lowe’s Home Improvement and Appliances pipe the smell of freshly cut timber throughout their locations—a delightful fragrance despite there being no wood cut within their establishments.

Most businesses, small and large, utilize visual and auditory strategies to engage customers. But now game plans are being further extended to include the power of scent. By working with companies that specialize in the science of what is known as “aromachology,” it’s possible to determine a custom-made fragrance to create the vibe a business desires, and subtly influence the actions customers take. This can include how long they linger in the location, emotions felt, and actions the retailer or business wishes them to take.

Increase Revenue With Subconscious Messages

Unilever employed research consultancy, Millward Brown, to estimate how much the smell of their soap product, Dove, accounted for. The figure came in at a conservative $63 million dollars per annum, a significant amount of revenue by any standards. Abercrombie & Fitch pump stores with the scent of their signature woody and intense scent that promotes a certain men’s clothing line. And something most people have experienced is the delightful odor of cinnamon that captivates when walking past a Cinnabon store.

The American Marketing Association states that the right fragrance can tempt customers to spend up to 44% longer at a business. This is a fact that companies of all sizes simply can’t afford to ignore. And thanks to smell being the strongest of all human senses, certain fragrances are arguably more powerful at evoking emotions, memory, and behaviors than even that of sight.

Brand Awareness

Scent branding is also a dominant method by which companies can increase brand awareness. In the same way that a cleverly thought out logo can become instantly recognizable, so too can a scent. The sense of smell bypasses all cognitive thought processes and connects, not only on an emotional level but also with the memory center of the brain. Done right, introducing a fragrance to a customer will create a connection between a brand and that particular aroma. By taking into account a company’s identity, customer base, purchasing history, target market, and the required marketing message it’s possible to create a unique scent that heightens these values.

Eco-Friendly Scent Distribution

One of the most innovative methods of introducing a consistent, safe, pleasant aroma to an area of any size is by HVAC technology. These virtually silent scent diffuserswork in conjunction with existing ventilation systems and use a process known as “Cold-Air Diffusion.” Such a process breaks down essential oils into a dry mist of nanoparticles and diffuses them around the required area. With different options available depending on the size of the area to be treated, such a procedure is low maintenance, ecologically friendly, and provides perfectly even scent distribution.

Aroma360 provides scenting solutions to suit all environments, using only the highest quality of essential oils and the greenest of scent diffuser options. They work with businesses to determine the exact fragrance to suit both their goals and target market. In addition, they provide the same technology for homes, allowing domestic space to also benefit from the power of aroma influenced ambiance. To this end they have a dedicated aromachology team that’s continually carrying out research into a subject that’s still in its relative infancy, bringing a dynamic approach to the optimal ways to incorporate scent into all aspects of marketing and home life. For more information please visit: and connect with us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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