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Our home is a place from which we should get away from it all, a serene ambient where we can do whatever we please, whenever we want. Sometimes the absolute tranquil feeling cannot be achieved merely by entering into the house. Reviving the home décor in order to create a fantastic calming sanctuary is what you need to do. Create a sacred spot of your own, and make your home a perfect place to unwind with these serene ideas.

1.Light it up

Having natural light coming in your precious little heaven is a must. Sun if without a question a natural mood booster, so you should place your favourite sofa next to the window and kick out the thick draperies. Try to top up the artificial lighting as well. Since lighting goes hand-in-hand with ambience, play with light bulb’s wattage and colour, and go for light fixtures that come with dimmers.

2.Enliven your senses

For the utmost calming effect you need to keep some scented candles always by your side. Any form of refreshing the home with some relaxing smells will immediately make you feel peaceful and at ease. Lavender promotes better sleep and the almond scent is extremely soothing. What is more, any homemade linen spray, aromatherapy diffusers, essential oils, soy or beeswax candles, are all natural ways to enhance your room with fresh and tranquil scents.

3. Paint it blue

Research amongst renowned psychologists has concluded that colour blue can have a calming effect and ease up stress. Repainting the living room is the first step to create a quick relaxing surrounding. Later on, you can place some riveting photographs that exude the calming sea and the gorgeous summer marine environment. At Summer Scenes you will get exactly what your heart desires, professionally captured summer calming moments from scenic Australian and Greek beaches.

4.Declutter the ambient

Too much clutter pilling around can be really nerve-racking. In order to avoid the additional stress and bring soothing balance into your home, you should eliminate the clutter. Basically, throw away all the things that you no longer need or use. Keep wall décor simple, don’t place too many dust-collecting ornaments, and don’t let mundane stuff like a letter, bills, receipts accumulate.

5. Try a neutral décor colour palette

When it comes to the colour of the furniture, cushions, and rugs, the most inviting and tranquil colours are the earthy ones. Fabrics should stick to the same rule of natural, light and comfortable. Only by replacing your sheets, cushions, and curtains with white, grey, brown, shades of beige and baby pink, you will instantly invite the zen feel in your home. Earthy and neutral tones have the power to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness.

6. Add lush greenery

Plants have a natural relaxing effect due to their soothing green colour and one-of-a-kind smell. Plus, bringing greens inside will clean and re-oxygenate the indoor air. Not only that but if you incorporate plants into your calming design, you will get a therapeutic surrounding with clean air and great outlook.

7. Place softness to your feet

An easy and most comfy way to spruce up your home décor is to place parquet or some other massive wooden flooring that will add warmth and greatness. Patterned and soft rugs will keep you warm but also give you that joyous and satisfactory feeling when you stand on the forefeet. Wool carpets are the best choice because they represent a perfect blend of a contemporary look and elegant softness and comfort, only they require a higher level of maintenance.

Home is like your very own Eden and you should strive to make it suitable to your taste. By implementing some of the above-mentioned tips, you will create a calming sanctuary with a modern twist.

Source: Relaxing Home Decor Ideas to Create a Calming Sanctuary – Thrive Global