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This interactive exhibit is a counter-intuitive approach to the typical stuffy and posh art museum experience we’re used to. At first glance, the new Psychedelic Robot in Dallas might have a slight mind-altering effect. As you immerse yourself in the art, it begins to tantalize your senses and release your creative subconscious mind.

The Psychedelic Robot is featured in a 13,000 square foot corner of the iconic Crescent Hotel.

The colorful and vibrant contemporary art pieces include everything from illuminated walls to fashion, photography, sculptures, graffiti arts, videos, and live performances.

The exhibit features pieces from both local and international artists ranging from Dallas to Moscow.

You might feel as though you’re hallucinating as you walk through the several independent spaces.

At one moment you may be in a rainbow-colored chamber with neon lighting and an oversized empty birdcage and in the next, you’re walking past a giant mushroom sculpture made of CDs, DVDs, and old vinyl albums.

This exhibit started as a brainchild from Karen and Michael Bivens, a husband and wife team, who started this project 3 years ago as a 10-day pop-up. It did so well, they extended their stay and sold out for an entire three months.

This intoxicating experience is meant to be an interactive one; touch and feel the art as you immerse yourself into what feels like a graffiti artist’s fantasy.

This multi-sensory experience combines graffiti art, contemporary art, and pop art to something they call Graffiti Fusion.

Banksy would be proud.

This exhibit will be in Dallas from March 13-April 30, so grab a pair of tickets for you and your friends ASAP. Tickets can be purchased here.

Tickets will most likely be sold at capacity so museum-goers will enjoy a 1-hour time slot due to the high demand. Tickets also include complimentary parking and refreshments.

Source: Psychedelic Robot In Dallas Is The Coolest Interactive Art Museum – Narcity