The inspiration for this multisensory composition was the Valaam Monastery. The music made by the Valaam monks is quite unique & interesting when compared to typical chants. After initially listening to a few youtube clips (example 1 & example 2), it became clear that the general vibe of the chants could be used to make some interesting music. Once the foundation for a track was made, current events was used as the fuel to finish this project.

This CMSC is composed of three sequences or themes that can be identified through listening to the electronica, smelling the scents & the three visuals.

A three sequence electronica track consisting of 80 sounds & 140 effects. Created, performed & recorded (live) using Native Instruments Maschine production studio. The sequences or scenes are marked on the soundcloud player.


Three food-grade perfumes were created, each one formulated to blend well with each other:

1. Insense: The smell of Orthodox church

2. Eau de Trump: Initial juniper, lime, red currant & ginger notes, intricately laced with a  a smokey & sweet undertones

Inspiration: From Success By Trump captures the spirit of the driven man. The scent is an inspiring blend of fresh juniper and iced red currant, brushed with hints of coriander. As it evolves, the mix of frozen ginger, fresh bamboo leaves and geranium emerge taking center stage, while a masculine combination of rich vetiver, tonka bean, birchwood and musk create a powerful presence throughout wear.

3. L’air de Putin: A complex mix of coniferous, citrus & blackcurrant notes

Inspiration: From Reuters: The scent, which creator Vladislav Rekunov hopes to present to the leader himself, contains hints of lemon, blackcurrant and fir cones.

Scene 01

VISUAL: Trump’s secret

SOUND: Valaam Monk Introduction

SCENT: Insense

Scene 02

VISUAL: Chaos in the oval office

SOUND: Donald Trump executive order

SCENT: Eau de Trump

Scene 03

VISUAL: Bless Putin

SOUND: Vladimir Putin afterhour club

SCENT: L’air de Putin