One day as I observed a lab technician emptying out flavour retainer samples for recycling, I became intrigued with the possibility of using them as paint on canvas. Initial experiments on printer paper were promising, but this medium was too porous. So, several canvases were purchased & the experiment started. Working on the first canvas quickly demonstrated to me that painting with flavours was a true multisensory approach to painting & that it was more fun then anticipated.

Each canvas served as a learning experience & the use of flavours quickly expanded to natural & artificial colours, preservatives, acidulants, gums, texturizers, essential oils & aroma chemicals. Each type of ingredient brought different challenges, but most importantly specific effects.

After the first 3 canvases, it became evident that the best results would be obtained if I took my time to observe the transformations & chemical reactions occurring between the ingredients & the air. For the remaining 12 “experiments” I simultaneously worked on 2-4 canvases at the same time. This highly stimulating situation enabled me to wait, observe & react to the transformations of all the ingredients. The wait times varied between one hour to 48hrs. It was exciting & sometimes disappointing to see how the colours, patterns & textures changed overnight. I literally never knew what I was going to get. In some cases, canvases were worked on over the course of three weeks.

Working on this was a complete multisensory experience composed to varied smells & tastes, sounds, textures & visuals. After drying & varnishing, many of the canvases have a unique & complex smell as well as interesting textures that can touched. Please note that all the materials utilized to make the art were food-grade ingredients.