This composition was initially started in February 2016, as the American  Primaries were starting to get very interesting. Bernie Sanders served as the spark-plug for this project.

It has mutated proportionally with what is happening in the United States.

Bernie Sanders Chicken or BSC is full of flavour.

Sound sources

  1. Youtube:
  2. Bernie Sanders Speech
  3. Bernie Sanders Advertisement
  4. Sarah Palin speech for Donald Trump

Shawn Melancon:

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  2. blah


Natural Bernie Sanders Chicken Spice Mix Flavour

The two visuals play with the some similarities between the Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders campaigns. While Trump was being aided by Russia, many Americans considered Bernie Sander’s views as communist. Both candidates also tapped into serious emotions that are progressively polarizing the Unites States. Notice how the eyes, nose, ears & mouths do not correspond to the heads.