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A new petrol-scented candle oil is now available to buy. The unusual product follows a social media poll, which questioned people on their most-loved scents.

Petrol took 45 percent of votes, beating orange blossom, prosecco, cow manure (really?) and Andrex toilet roll. The poll was run across Facebook and Twitter earlier this month.

petrol-flavoured candles

Petrol is, of course, extremely flammable, so it does seem curious to infuse it with something fire-related. Cosy Owl, making of the candle oil, says it doesn’t have the volatile properties of actual petrol and is as safe as any other candle. Phew.

You will, however, have to use the oil to make the candle yourself. So there’s a DIY element. The reviews it’s had are positive so far, and it has sold out on the website.

petrol-flavoured candles

“When deciding our 2020 product range, we wanted to get the opinion of the public on which scents they would most like to see introduced,” said Richard Fewings of Cosy Owl.

“We were looking for quirky fragrances to add into our range, and as petrol (45 percent) was voted as the most desirable scent, this will now be added to our range as a new fragrance oil. You don’t just have to be a petrolhead to be a fan of this unusual scent!”

Source: Petrol-scented candle comes top in poll of nicest smells