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Music festivals in this day and age are a dime a dozen. Every weekend at least one event can be found some where in the nation. This makes standing out for young, up and coming festivals difficult. Day For Night though has not had this issue in the least. The one of a kind music, art and speaker festival has curated a vibe unique to Houston and continually brings the most forward thinking individuals in the aforementioned fields together for 3 days of synergy.

Day For Night catches most peoples attention via their incredibly unique and impressive line up. The bill includes acts ranging all genres. This year headliners include Solange, Nine Inch Nails, Thom Yorke and Pretty Lights. Those are just some of the names which have had people booking flights to Houston ever since it’s initial announcement. Support ranges from the experimental protest group The Pussy Riots to established dance music acts such as Rezz and Jamie XX.

The visual art displays at Day For Night might just be the most impressive aspect of the festival. Day For Night transforms Houston from an urban metropolis to an otherworldly wonderland of light. Just look at this video below.


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Random sensory quotes

The smells are very strong on ‘Game of Thrones’: the incense, the fire, the heat of all the burns. The smell of Lancel’s Faith Militant cloth is very thick in my nostrils right now. And I think the warmth of it all: the hard work ethics, the ambiance, the temperature of the set. There are so many sensory memories of it, which will never leave me.

— Eugene Simon