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Hilton London Bankside has partnered with Bombas & Parr to create a unique multi-sensory meeting room inside its hotel, under the name The Agora.

From flooding the room with scented air at the push of a button to specially curated objects designed to increase productivity, mood-improving lighting installations and refreshments designed to recharge physiologically, every detail is based on the science and psychology of fruitful human interactions and innovation.

The room takes inspiration from its location on Bankside, with a central table featuring inlaid ley lines pointing to important sites of creativity nearby, such as The Globe, The Tate and Royal Festival Hall.

Among the other multi-sensory innovations of The Agora (Greek for ‘gathering place’) are a ‘push for creativity’ button, which releases scented air designed to stimulate the imagination.

There is also an art installation that makes use of light effects, ‘scientifically proven to arouse the sub-cortical area in your brain’, as well as a sculptural wall with in-built displays.


General manager of Hilton London Bankside James B. Clarke commented: “Our relationship with Bompas & Parr has enabled us to create a world first – a truly inspiring meeting room where every key detail has been put in place to result in boosted creativity and inspiration.

“We were already proud of our award-winning meeting room space and facilities on offer but the new Agora room gives us the edge by providing a unique opportunity for creative minds, corporates and professionals to come together and enjoy a room fully serviced for inspiration.”

Hilton London Bankside bills itself as ‘a flagship London design hotel and pioneer for the next generation of Hilton hotels’. It features 292 modern guest rooms and 11 flexible meeting rooms.

Source: Explore Hilton Bankside’s new multi-sensory meeting room | Conference News