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This incredible 11-year-old possesses the power to smell colours – even identifying them while blindfolded.

Deepti Regmi, from Nepal, believes that her strange talent comes from God.

Although no official diagnosis has been made, her bizarre ability appears similar to that of the sensory disorder synaesthesia.

The disorder, which can be brought on spontaneously, causes people’s senses to become ‘cross-wired’ – making some smell, hear or even taste colours.

New footage taken of the youngster shows her identifying several different colours by raising them to her nose and sniffing them.

The clip, which is four minutes long, even shows her deciphering what colours are used on a newspaper page.

Deepti Regmi, from Nepal, believes her strange talent comes from God (pictured with her unnamed mother)

Deepti Regmi, from Nepal, believes her strange talent comes from God (pictured with her unnamed mother)

Local reports state she developed her bizarre ability last year, and since then has been training her brain to sharpen her sense of smell.

The footage was recorded by Puskar Nepal, who tested Deepti during a session. Puskar’s job is unknown.

Checking the blindfold 

He told local journalists: ‘I checked the blindfold to ensure that she couldn’t see through it.

‘I was really amazed that she could smell the colors and feel the fonts with her finger with so much ease.’

‘To my surprise, despite her young age she feels the responsibility towards the society and wants to help visually impaired people with her skills.’

Thrilled parents

Deepti’s parents, who are both teachers, are reportedly thrilled by how intelligent their daughter is.

Puskar said: ‘She’s excellent in her studies too. Both of her parents are very happy with the rare talent their daughter has.’

Similar strange cases… 

MailOnline reported on a 29-year-old sufferer last month, who tastes different foods every time he hears certain words.

Dave Evans, from Willesden Green in London, tastes cornflakes whenever someone says ‘east’ and crunchy pork crackling when he hears ‘bristle’.

His case followed that of Kathryn Jackson, 22, from Nottingham, who can taste carrots every time she hears the name Rory,


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