The Nanoleaf Screen Mirror software works with Nanoleaf Light Panels and Nanoleaf Canvas to create “dynamic visuals and real-time reactions.”

Light Panels and Canvas are both in-home lighting solutions to create ambience. Canvas is a touchable, interactive experience, while the modular Light Panels can be designed to match your interior before choosing from more than 16 million colours.


Screen Mirror has been designed to make gaming and watching more immersive.

Nanoleaf’s Screen Mirror has four visual modes to fit different moods and occasions. Choose ‘Match’ mode to amplify an adrenaline-filled action movie, transporting you from your couch and right into the scene; or try the more subtle ‘Melt’ to subtly transition between sequences when you’re watching an art-house film filled with rich colour palettes.

Using the software is a breeze thanks to the desktop app which allows users to control their Light Panels or Canvas from a PC or Mac.

The software is available now and is free to download.

Source: Nanoleaf Screen Mirror is a multi-sensory home theatre experience | PowerUp!

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