According to a new study drawing from 2,023 interviews, over one-half of the UK’s youth consider music to be their main passion.

Carried out by London-based brand agency Amplify, the extensive study – which focused on 18-30 year olds from a diverse range of backgrounds – found that 51% of women and 49% of men deemed music to be their biggest obsession.

Exploring how “the current hostile political and economic climate has changed the way [young people] view their lives”, Young Blood 2: The Formula is Fucked also found that six out of ten young Londoners claim to care about music more than anything else.

Learn more about Amplify’s extensive findings here.

A few weeks ago, BBC Radio 1Xtra’s mighty Jamz Supernova and Kiss radio’s AJ King will be conducted a DJing workshop for 21 young people in DJ Mag’s Work Bar with the Young Urban Arts Foundation.

Source: Music is the number one passion for young people, study finds

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