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All things summer will be rolled into one at this year’s Bumble Fab Lab. Think free gelato, fresh flowers and a beachside haven.

Hitting Sydney from December 1-2 is a pop up experience designed to make you feel sheer happiness for 30 minutes. The Fab Lab has been created by dating app Bumble, and includes four multisensory rooms — taste, smell, see and create.

If you’re keen for a sweet treat and mood booster, Gelato Messina will be providing two limited edition flavours. They include the ‘It’s Meant to Bean’, indulging our obsession of coffee with a dark chocolate fudge and orange marmalade twist. For those looking for something lighter, It Feels Like There’s Lavender-Air, which combines honey and lavender for a happy ‘buzz’.

The flavours are full of ingredients that are designed to make you happy, some even releasing serotonin. ‘We love bringing a smile to people’s faces when they taste our gelato and had a lot of fun with the creative process’ said Donato Toce, Gelato Messina’s Head Chef.

If it is relaxation you’re after, the Fab Lab will also provide a beachside haven with a multisensory guided breathing exercise designed to elate and inspire. Other multisensory experiences include reflection in the gratitude room and fragrance immersion in the floral room.


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