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An multi-sensory workshop is coming to Shepparton Art Museum this month, coinciding with its Cover Versions exhibition. ‘‘Sound Of Drawing’’ will run during the day on Tuesday and SAM public programs officer Feyza Yazar encouraged families to sign up.

‘‘This will be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some people in Shepparton,’’ she said. The workshops will bring together texture and technology in a soundscape of the participant’s own making. ‘‘On the long, broad drawing table, children wear headphones and hear their scratches, swirls, tapping and scribbles as they create their own artistic masterpieces and make their collective mark,’’ Ms Yazar said.

‘‘The sounds of the pastel on the paper is picked up by sensitive microphones and amplified, turning the physical action of drawing into a live soundscape.’’ Ms Yazar said the workshop tied in well with SAM’s Cover Versions: Mimicry and Resistance exhibition, which focused on ideas around reiteration using a range of mediums including sound and film. The exhibition quotes the histories of music, popular culture and the internet, ethnography and the natural world. Ms Yazar said the Sound of Drawing workshops, presented by Melbourne’s Polygot Theatre, would connect sound, gesture and artistic intention, drawing out masterpieces from every participant.

The 30-minute sessions start at 2pm and run until 5pm and include a tour of SAM and the Cover Versions exhibition. ‘‘Bookings are essential and we’re asking people to indicate which timeslot they’d like to attend,’’ Ms Yazar said. ‘‘Private school bookings can be made from 10am to noon too.’’