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Japanese conveyer belt sushi chain Kura Sushi is now using artificial intelligence to make high-end sushi. Aside from rolling out cheddar cheese tempura and rice-based soda, Kura Sushi is looking to modernize the traditional delicacy using new experimental technology.

For the uninitiated, higher-end sushi uses fish wrapped in cloth and aged in a controlled environment, like a refrigerator. Over time when exposed to a controlled humidity level and temperature, fish proteins are broken down into glutamate, a key component of MSG which is the natural flavor-enhancing compound that provides “umami,” better known as savoriness. But the traditional technique of aging fish for sushi requires a trained professional with the right knowledge and expertise, typically uncommon at conveyer belt sushi chains.

This is why Kura Sushi is now using AI to mass-produce aged tuna and yellowtail for its nigiri sushi. The advanced technology ensures that fish set aside for aging is kept at optional levels to avoid spoiling and maximize the production of glutamate for unparalleled flavor. Additionally, Kura Sushi also uses a special app developed by Japanese advertising company Dentsu called “Tuna Scope.” The application powered by AI examines the cross-section of the tail pinpointing the superior parts of a tuna fish for consumption.

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Source: Japanese Conveyor Belt Sushi Chain Using AI To Make High-End Sushi | HYPEBEAST