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One of the objects on display at the exhibition, which will activate sound and video upon touching, presented in a white box

The exhibition named ‘synescape: please touch’, revolves around 10 objects, half of which are associated with the natural realm and the other half with the manmade world. Each element was selected by the artists to inspire a synesthetic experience, whereby visitors’ interactions with each object trigger specific sounds and images which make up the adjoining audio-visual installation.

At the center of ‘synescape: please touch’ is an inquiry into the ways human senses interact with each other and influence each other in modern days.

For centuries, vision has been privileged and considered the dominant sense and what we see is often considered reality. However, part of the vision is the process of deriving meaning from what we see. ‘synescape: please touch’ deliberately manipulates that through sound and haptic interaction.

Tickets are VND100,000 and VND80,000 (for students only).

Source: Interactive exhibition “synescape: please touch” – News VietNamNet