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The smell of fresh coffee, the salty scent of a sea breeze or the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls all rank among people’s most favourite scents, according to scientists. Such aromas trigger powerful positive thoughts and can help people relive fond memories.

Hoteliers have started to realise the power of scents and signature aromas to help create an experience that resonates with their guests. With renowned hoteliers like the Address and Bulgari Hotels using the power of scent marketing, it is only a matter of time before others indulge in this art to boost their brands and customer loyalty.

Scent marketing for hotels and malls

Scent marketing (also known as fragrance branding) has exploded into a billion-dollar industry, featuring in all places from malls and hotels to spas and golf courses.

Some of the most iconic fragrances can be found at the world’s leading hotels, such as the Address Hotel with its signature aroma – a blend of Vetiver and Cedar and a few other carefully selected notes.

One might wonder why the process of scent creation is essential, and the short answer is not only the impact it has on guests but also the business sense it makes for the hospitality industry; in particular hotels.

Firstly, guests react to fragrances subconsciously. Their mood is positively influenced by the aroma, leading hoteliers to place their signature scents inside hotel bathrooms and gyms beyond lobbies and common areas to create an immersive guest experience.

According to findings in a report commissioned by Ambius, 91 percent of hotel guests said a pleasant smell had a positive impact, and over two thirds felt it made them feel more relaxed and patient. Generating a deeper connection with guests improves the hotel experience, ultimately driving brand loyalty. A fragrance can help encourage repeat visits and positive reviews.

Secondly, hoteliers increasingly realize how a recognizable signature scent can add revenue streams. Imagine the same scent synonymous with your stay at Address Downtown (Dubai) in the comfort of your own home in London, transporting you to re-experience your memorable stay in the desert oasis.

Hotels are creating signature scents and selling them to customers in the form of candles and diffusers, generating additional revenues and extending the brand experience beyond the hotel stay.

What it takes to create this a signature scent

Rezaroma and the chairman of EMAAR collaborated to create The Address’s fragrance, which is diffused across all Address hotels globally.

The process is bespoke and rooted in the brand. Based on the client’s marketing positioning and communication guidelines, fragrance designers develop a bespoke line that reflects the brand’s personality.

Businesses are only scratching the surface when it comes to the potential of scent marketing, as it provides a golden opportunity to make your brand stand out in a sea of oversaturated audio-visual experiences.

Hoteliers need to realise the benefit of appealing to their guests’ influential sense of smell, their love for nostalgia, and their desire to relive great experiences over and over again.

Mishaal Alireza is general manager of Rezaroma, a scent marketing leader in the Middle East region, and works with a number of hotels and landmarks to create scents.

Source: How fragrances develop customer loyalty in hotels – Comment – HOTELIER MIDDLE EAST