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Augmented reality (AR) has become mainstream in the video game industry. AR attempts to make computer animation more realistic. For example, Microsoft’s Hololens is a popular AR computer where one can watch a wall deform in real life the way it happens in a video game. The AR market is constantly growing and it is projected to value over $18 billion US dollars in 2023.

As many gamblers embrace online betting in sites such as, it is a matter of time before AR becomes a reality in gambling. AR has the potential to revolutionize online gambling; it will make online gambling more realistic and exciting.

Here are the potential ways in which AR will change online gambling:

Enhance User Experience

AR changes online gambling user experience. Online gamblers often place their bets on their smartphones or computers.

Online casinos do not have unlimited resources like traditional casinos such as MGM Grand or the Bellagio in Vegas that spend billions to create a visual feast for their clientele. AR can level the ground by giving online casinos a chance to provide extra services to their clients.

AR will enable a sports betting enthusiast sitting at home to get a full visual of Wembley stadium before betting on a game. Gamblers will have a real idea of what is happening on the ground as if they were physically there, and this will inform their betting decisions.

AR takes advantage of high technology cameras to stream games, casino tables, slots, and other games to online customers to give them a realistic experience.

How Augmented Reality (AR) Will Change Online Gambling

Growth of Online Gambling

Online gambling accounts for a third of gambling across the globe. With AR, many people are more likely to take up online gambling. AR makes online gambling more appealing as it goes beyond the face filters to give the online gamblers the ultimate gambling experience. It has all the features to make online gambling more addictive, which will lead to the growth of online gambling.

AR will create an immersive experience where uses can interact with the digital environment using all their senses. AR uses the existing real-life setting to make online gambling as interactive as a video game. The technology will attract and retain the attention of millions of online gamblers by offering them unforgettable experiences.

The implication for Traditional Gaming

AR adds sensory input to enhance online gambling. AR brings the 3D movie experience to gambling through specially equipped eyewear like Google glass and sound effects to mimic real-life casino experience.

An average online gambler at home will now have the same experience as the gambler in a real casino. The AR experience will motivate online gamblers as they will have the same experiences as individuals in real casinos. Online gamblers will enjoy the lights and sound effects, the rain of dollar bills, the experience of winning the jackpot in a slot machine, and all the other experiences in a brick-and-mortar casino.

How Augmented Reality (AR) Will Change Online Gambling

AR Is the Future of Online Gambling

AR technology has revolutionized the gaming industry. It is an appropriate technology for online gambling as it promises to deliver an immersive experience to your customers. AR is an incredible technology that can change the future for online gamers and gaming sites like It will provide a real casino environment to online gamblers in the comfort of their homes. This innovation will also boost online gambling.

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