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Virtual reality feels like you are really there.

Spas and salons work hard to refine the lights, sounds, smells, and overall feeling of a customer’s visit.

A virtual reality spa treatment solution makes sense because they allow the spa to transform into the perfect relaxing environment specific to that customer.

Why should a customer close their eyes at their next spa or salon visit? Just imagine the other possibilities:

• Rest on a Caribbean beach during a massage.

• Enjoy a manicure while meditating on the Colorado mountainside.

• Watch the sunset over a massive Hawaiian waterfall while enjoying a body wrap.

• Tour Iceland while in the waiting room.

Virtual reality adds a level of immersion that is hard to describe. It feels like you are really there.


It makes relaxation simple and instant, versus requiring anxious people to jump through mental hoops. This lowers stress and anxiety.


It allows your mind to escape to lush sensory-rich environments. Choose from real-world locations or artist crafted worlds.


A powerful virtual reality relaxation app allows you customise your experience to best suit your expectations. Select your environment, music, aromatherapy oils and treatment and immerse yourself into a complete sensory experience.

• Information supplied by The Wend.

Source: Go virtual for relaxation | Benoni City Times