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Fun Factory Sensory Gym (FFSG), a manufacturer of custom sensory gyms based out of Bear Creek, Wisconsin, is pleased to announce that they are designing and installing custom sensory gyms and play structures. The company specializes in providing functional and organizational custom solutions for any space, big or small.

Tyler Pfefferle, a representative for Fun Factory Sensory Gym, says, “Sensory gyms and play structures are a crucial part of a special needs child’s development. The problem is that these kids experience either too much or too little stimulation. As a result, they can have trouble integrating all the information they’re receiving. It’s very difficult, even impossible, for them to feel comfortable and secure, function effectively, and be open to learning and socialization. Sensory gyms, however, provide them a safe space to play and process all the stimulation they receive.”

“Specific movement activities, active body work, and even something as simple as brushing of the skin can help children with sensory problems experience an optimal level of arousal and regulation,” explains Pfefferle. “We consider it a great honor to be able to help out in whatever way we can. At FFSG, we take our work very seriously—and take pride in creating state-of-the-art multi-sensory environments that are able to cater to every child’s requirements.”

The company asserts that they can bring an environment of therapeutic fun to any room regardless of its size, including homes, garages, therapy clinics, daycares, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, camps, and more. As such, they provide both Home Systems and Commercial Systems to answer all their clients’ requirements. Pfefferle says, “We understand how important it is to make the best use of the room when you’re playing with your little ones. That’s why our designers take into consideration every square inch of space in your home and design a playroom that can provide your family with plenty of floor space, not only to play but also to move about with ease when the system isn’t being used. Further, our products are carefully designed based on your specifications, size, and budget, so you can be sure that you’ll get exactly what you need.” Examples of the company’s work can be found at their Pinterest page at the following link:

The company says that they realize how important it is that clients who need their service be able to get in touch with them. To that end, Fun Factory Sensory Gym recently redesigned their website. They also assure parents that their customer service and design teams are available for inquiries and consultations all year round.

Fun Factory Sensory Gym’s clients all express immense satisfaction with the work done by the company. Jill Kessel, a Clinic Owner, says, “After five years in practice, I decided that I needed to upgrade the look of my office to allow for optimal patient care. Upon researching some possibilities, I came across the Fun Factory Sensory Gym. I immediately called the company to purchase my own gym unit. We scheduled an install date and in three short days, my gym and my vision were complete. My patients and their parents walk in and are amazed at the beautiful and fun set up. I truly feel that my patients are getting the most effective and efficient care because I have the best equipment to address their individual needs. With Fun Factory Gym’s equipment, I am able to help these children improve by leaps and bounds.”

In another review, Heather Helms, mother to three special needs children, says “Our Fun Factory Sensory Gym has been life-changing for our family! The entire experience of having the FFSG team in our home was so enjoyable. The crew’s heart and soul is behind the work they’re doing. From the first phone call, FFSG was committed to helping our family and our three small children with their various special needs. We have already experienced the calming effects of the net swing and the multiple ways the entire gym provides sensory input and regulation for our intense sensory seekers. What a great tool for our family, and more than worth the investment!”

Those who want to learn more about Fun Factory Sensory Gym or the products and services they provide may find more information on their website. Interested parties are also encouraged to get in touch with Tyler Pfefferle for more details. The company also maintains a presence on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, where they post updates and interact with their clients. The company’s Twitter profile can be found at the following link:


For more information about Fun Factory Sensory Gym, contact the company here:

Fun Factory Sensory Gym
Tyler Pfefferle
+1(833) 438-6496
104 Park St
Bear Creek, Village of, Wisconsin 54922, US

Source: Fun Factory Sensory Gym Installs Custom Sensory Gyms And Play Structures